Our Collection & Database

The Carson City Community Archive Collection

The Carson City Community Archive (CCCA) will be a home or repository for Carson City history.  Our work focuses on gathering Carson City historical documents, stories, photographs, oral histories, and more. These items will be added to our CCCA Collection.  The Collection will be available for research free of charge.  In order to develop the most comprehensive collection, we invite families, individuals, businesses and organizations to provide  items and/or information about resources they would like to suggest or add to the collection.  If you would like to share your resources, please contact us to learn more.   

Our Carson City Community Archive Database

Carson City is a community rich in history and historical resources.  There are historical sites, museums and libraries that offer resources for education and research.   In addition to our CCCA Collection, we are developing a CCCA Database which will list the resources available through the various repositories in our area. By searching a particular subject, individual,
business or organization, you will be able to find a list of the resources in our community, by location, that relate to your search.  We will include books, photographs, documents, oral histories, artifacts, etc., in our database.  Rather than going to each repository and searching, 
you can use the CCCA Database to direct your local research.  

By collaborating with our state museums, historical organizations and online entities to include their Carson City specific collection items in our CCCA Database, researchers will be able to find all the available items on a topic. As resources become known and/or available we will update our database.  Of course, items in the CCCA Collection will also be listed on the CCCA Database.  If you know of community resources that should be added to the Database, please let us know.  The Carson City Community Archive Database is currently in development.