About Us

How does a community tell its story?

We believe the Carson City story is best told by the families, businesses and community organizations that initially settled the area,
by those that helped build and grow the community, and by those that call Carson City their home today.   The Carson City Community Archive
is a effort to gather, collect, preserve and share the Carson City story.  

While Carson City is home to state museums and several important historical sites, there is not a center or coordinated effort to collect, preserve and share the history and stories of our local community.   We believe there should be such a home for our history.   The CCCA will provide families, businesses and organizations the opportunity to share their history and their stories about Carson City, Nevada.  The Carson City Community Archive is dedicated to developing this repository and home for Carson City history. By working together, we are connecting through our past, present and future.    

You Can Help Tell the Carson City Story!

 Were members of your family instrumental in developing the Carson City community, past or present?

Do you or did your relatives operate a business, participate in an organization or serve in a community position?

Are you a member of a service organization or a community non-profit organization that has helped to improve the Carson City community?  Your organization history is key to the development of our community. 

Do you have photographs, items, important stories or documents that help tell the story of our community?

Does your family have items or records that are a mystery to you?
Maybe you're not sure what exactly is in the family history boxes or if any of the items are important?

We invite you to participate in the Carson City Community Archive!

Please contact us at ccca@griffindevelopmentservices.com and let us know how you would like to participate.